Monday 13 May 2024 - 14:44
Young Iranian author reads over 1,200 books annually

IBNA- Iran’s youngest author Maneli Mahmoudan at just ten years old and in the fourth grade reads over 1,200 books a year and has already authored her second book, a comic strip publication.

Maneli’s literary life is remarkable; despite her tender age, she has penned multiple titles and garnered various national and international accolades, including awards for storytelling and illustration in China and Japan.

Her dedication to reading is evident, having devoured over 1,210 books in the past year alone, ‘Perhaps the reason I have become an author is the high volume of reading and my interest in book.” She said.

Her latest book, a bilingual comic strip, was initially intended for a comic festival but gained traction after winning first place in a literary festival.

A comic strip is a form of sequential art that tells a story, typically produced by two people, one writing and the other illustrating. However, Maneli does both tasks alone.

Maneli’s mother proudly mentions that her academic performance hasn’t suffered due to her extracurricular reading; in fact, she emphasizes the benefits of reading beyond textbooks, Iran Daily reported.

Maneli’s teacher, Ms. Vafaei, encouraged her writing aspirations, leading her to pursue publication opportunities.

On her publishing experiences, Maneli expresses gratitude for the support she received from her teacher and the Pishouk Publishing House.

Maneli’s story highlights the importance of nurturing a love for reading at a young age, challenging misconceptions about its impact on academic performance.


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