Saturday 17 February 2024 - 16:24
3rd Int'l Scientific-Practical Conference on 'Shahnameh' due

IBNA- Commemorating the legendary Persian poet Ferdowsi, Tajikistan's Institute of Language and Literature will hold the 3rd International Scientific-Practical Conference on 'Shahnameh' themed on the historical and cultural geography of this epical poetry masterpiece.

Rudaki National Academy of Tajikistan’s Sciences has organized the event which is centered on 24 topics such as: Names of the places in the ‘Shahnameh’ (Persian Book of Kings); governments and dynasties in the ‘Shahnameh’; and the ‘Shahnameh’ and historical reality.

Among the other topics are: political and economic issues in the ‘Shahnameh’; literary, historical and cultural sources of the ‘Shahnameh’; justice and generosity in the ‘Shahnameh’, mythology in the ‘Shahnameh’, etc.

This international conference will be held on October 9 and 10, 2024. Those interested to participate in the event may send their papers to safinabodulloeva77@bkru until the beginning of August 2024.


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